Guidelines for writing an issue?

I would like to open an issue on Github about a minor problem I have encountered in Optim.jl. I have never opened an issue before–are there any general guidelines for what to include in an issue/how to write an issue? Are there any differences in what I should inclue in an issue versus a Discord post? I think it would be helpful (for new users especially) to have some sort of guidelines on this site about how to write an issue.


It depends a bit on what the problem is, but for the most part, it’s just clear title, mwe, expected result, actual result. If you have a suggested fix, that can go in too.


And versions! At least the version of the package that you are using, and the version of julia (output of versioninfo() ).



Thank you! Just added the package version and my versioninfo()!

The issue looks pretty good to me.

If you wanted to take it one further step, you could see if the issue still applies to the the master branch or whatever the development branch may be:

(@v1.6) pkg> activate --temp # Create a temporary environment

(jl_OP78Sk) pkg> add

This is optional but often appreciated if the development branch has a few commits that have not been released.


Thanks, that’s a good tip!

Or more simply

]add Optim#master