Recruiting package authors for JuliaCon hackathon mentoring/guidance

Hello everyone!

For the JuliaCon 2018 hackathon, we would like to provide both assistance and opportunities to would-be new contributors to the Julia ecosystem.

To this end, we would like to be able to direct potential new contributors to accessible/tractable issues they can resolve and to provide them with in-person mentors to help them overcome stumbling blocks.

The steps to contribute to this are as follows:

  1. Identify and create issues for specific, well-defined, and well-confined modifications to your package’s code/documentation base (that will help you upgrade to 1.0, for example). Issues created for one line modifications are highly encouraged. Examples of appropriate issues might be

The file foo.jl makes use of the expm function, which has been deprecated. Please replace uses of expm with the exp function.


The docstring for the function exp lacks examples of the function’s usage. Please add an example or two so that users may see how exp behaves.

  1. Label the issues created in #1 with the label “JuliaCon2018” so that we can search for these intro issues across repositories.

  2. Make yourself available during the hackathon (Saturday, August 11) to potential new contributors who may have questions about your package or the instructions provided in the issues you’ve created.

If you’re a package author and willing to do the above, please post to the following thread or DM me!

Thank you! :smiley:

P.S. @sacha and I will be on standby throughout the hackathon to help new contributors with getting up and running on github (for example, how to fork and clone a repository, how to commit and push changes, and how to submit a PR). If you would like to help with this, please let me know!


JuliaDiffEq will participate! I gathered a bunch of issues into one metaissue to track it. I will likely be talking to a lot of people but anyone looking to put in a PR gets priority. When it’s time feel free to ping me for help and I’ll find you.


I added JuliaCon2018 labels to issues in my two packages: and The one which are good introductory issues I also labeled good first issue. The others are more advanced, but would also make good hackathon projects. I will be at the Hackathon and happy to help everyone who is happy to help.

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Wonderful! Thank you Mauro!!