GUI Developer for Computational Psychiatry with the Julia Lab

LCNeuro and MIT Julia Lab currently have a commitment from Silicon Valley philanthropists to support the development of a software platform for creating, simulating, and validating models of brain circuit dysregulation for psychiatric disorders (i.e., “computational psychiatry”). To produce a proof of concept of this platform in one year, we are looking to augment our scientific team with a GUI developer. Said developer will need to have experience building GUIs in Julia. Deep expertise with SciML tooling is not required, though some familiarity with scientific simulation is a plus. This is related to a previous call:

Contact me for more information.


Mainly out of curiosity, which julia GUI framework will you choose, or aim to?

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That’s open.

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Once that decision of which Julia GUI is made - please post back here Chris. I am also very curious. Our most popular UX is just React.js calling Julia using REST. Very curious what is the best choice for Julia only GUIs.


Pluto.jl may eventually turn into a fullstack platform - just need ability to layout cells. Beats having to do all of frontend in React or Vue JS.