Google Summer of Code: Julia (Beginner Help)

Hi Guys!
Let me introduce myself, I’m Praveen V - Studying 4th year masters in India. I have been following julia lang quite some time. I interested in contributing to julia lang. I’m hoping to participate in GSoC 2019 with julia. I interested in compiler optimizations, HPC and meta programming and I’m quite new to julia and it’s runtime. Could you please help me in getting started with julia and it’s compiler?
I’m familiar with C++, Python and I have deep interest in llvm and high performance computing.



I have personally learned a lot about Julia from the excellent talks at JuliaCon over the past few years. You might find them interesting and informative as well. Here are a few that might help you understand a bit more about how Julia works and how best to use (and improve!) it:


@rdeits Thanks a lot, It is very helpful

I will go through those talks :slight_smile: