Getting to the Pkg REPL in Windows Julia REPL

…apologies if this has been answered before. It is not intuitive. In the Julia REPL, I have tried:

and many, many other keystroke combinations to fire up the Pkg REPL, help, Pkg help - NONE of the commands work, they either just print a ? or else I get an error, not defined. This question is so basic that I’ve googled for hours and cannot find the answer, nor is it answered in the Julia docs.

What is the command or key binding, in the Julia REPL for Windows, for the following commands (and if it needs double quotes or whatever, please say so):

open Pkg REPL
Pkg help


Julia version? Where is Julia run? cmd (Windows terminal)? Windows version?
Do versioninfo() at the Julia prompt, please. Post a screen snapshot, if you can.

Pressing ] as the first key at the julia> prompt should be all that is needed.

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The only thing which came to mind as a reason that entering ] doesn’t work, is that the the keyboard language setting is perhaps wrong.

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That could be it. @dammit26354 are you using the English keyboard?

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Even so, entering a ] should still put you in Pkg REPL mode.

Of course, but the ] may not be on the expected key cap. :slight_smile:

when I press the ] key, all it does is print the ] character. It does not bring up the Pkg editor. To stop any more replies from just asking more questions:

  • Julia version is the latest version as of 06-11-21
  • Windows 10
  • behind hardened corporate firewall
  • use admin rights only when installing; used normal account for running it

…If I have time today I’m going to get the Mac version and try that.

Super. And you running it in a Win terminal?
Like so?

…just tried it on my Mac and it works fine. So, something is goofy with my keyboard at work. More research is necessary.

yes, my keyboard at work needs to be looked at, more research is necessary. Will have to use the command line for now.