Using the Pkg REPL mode directly from the terminal

I often need to start julia, enter the Pkg REPL to add and remove packages and then exit. I’m a lazy person, so is often too much work for me to do:

julia --project
julia> ]
pkg> add Foo Bar
pkg> rm SomePkg
julia> exit()

Because of this, i created a simple shell script (at ~/.julia/bin) that allows me to use the Pkg REPL mode directly from the terminal without starting julia first, doing something and then exiting.

The script is something like:

code="using Pkg; Pkg.REPLMode.PRINTED_REPL_WARNING[] = true; pkg\"$args\""
eval "julia --project -q --startup-file=no --history-file=no -e '$code'"

And then we can use like this:

script add Foo Bar
script rm SomePkg

Is there something “wrong” about doing things this way? Because i was thinking in create a simple package to automatically generate this script (with the windows version too) and then install in the ~/.julia/bin directory.


I didn’t know there was already a package that does that. Thanks!