Unable to enter Pkg REPL

julia> ]
ERROR: syntax: unexpected "]"
 [1] top-level scope at none:1

According to the document

Pkg comes with a REPL. Enter the Pkg REPL by pressing ] from the Julia REPL. To get back to the Julia REPL, press backspace or ^C.

Did I get this sentence wrong?

If so, I would like to tell me how to enter the operation demonstration of PKG repl, thanks.

Actually the behavior should be like this:

#after hit ']' the promt should change to 
(@v1.5) pkg>
  • what version of julia are you using?
  • what happens when typing using REPL
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Oh,I see, I had to type ] directly without line break.
Because I study on a tablet, I used to click on the [] on the soft keyboard, and then delete the previous [

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Hmmm… maybe look to see if you can define a hotkey to be ]

Also please look at using Pkg directly in this fashion at the Julia prompt.
This might be easier for you?

using Pkg

It doesn’t work if it’s copy-pasted, e.g. with ]add PackageName. You need to press ] first, then type (or paste) the rest.