Getting started - 'launch.json'

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No clue what is going on in your setup. Never heard of launch.json.

Assuming you are on Windows: Try the pre-configured Julia:
Unzip and double-click the file with matching name.

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OS X, and Ubuntu (Linux) not Windows. plain vanilla install. but thx

And my best to Jan Kleissl @ UCSD - the best

Hey, I promise the approach you are taking is not necessary for help. We have a community of people here who would have helped you, without you being disrespectful :confused: @dinosg


sorry but it is extremely frustrating. You do the stuff in the quickstart guide and in 2 environments, is nothing like what is says in the docs, spend an hour on stuff that should be EASY. I realize you are not doing this for compensation

Right, so the approach you should take, lay out clearly what you are doing, the resources you are using, and what the error is you are getting. That is how you get help and solve these problems.

I’ve felt the frustration too, but being rude will not help you here, will only get you banned.

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yah - sorry.

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Please open a new thread and give it another shot, mentioning the points I asked for above.


kk thx

I can convey the message. From whom should I say?