Getting name of functions that were scoped inside another function?

I have a system upon which I need to apply a set of scalars which depend on their inputs. I’d like to, for debugging purposes be able to show a list of these scalars and the name of the function, which I think I should be able to do base on this sample code:

function scalars() 
    foo(x) = 1.0
    bar(x) = 1.5
    return [foo,bar]

map((f) -> (f,f(1)),scalars())


2-element Array{Tuple{Function,Float64},1}:
 (getfield(Main, Symbol("#foo#38"))(), 1.0)
 (getfield(Main, Symbol("#bar#39"))(), 1.5)

That is, I can see that the name is “available” now that I’m calling it outside of where I defined it. Ideally, I would like to have something like:

(foo, 1.0)
(bar, 1.5)

Is there some way I can cleanly get the name of the function without showing the getfield... part?

julia> map((f) -> (nameof(f),f(1)),scalars())
2-element Array{Tuple{Symbol,Float64},1}:
 (:foo, 1.0)
 (:bar, 1.5)