Getting Attributes for Makie Axis and Lines

There are many attributes of axes and plots that one might want to be able to inspect and change. I used to be able to find a list of these possibilities with Makie by doing the following.

fig, axis, lineplot = lines(1:10, (1:10) .^ 3; color=:red, linewidth=2)
# axis.attributes will list out all axis attributes (this does not work anymore)
# lineplot.attributes will list out all line plot attributes (this still works)

Unfortunately this no longer seems to work for Axis in Makie 0.17.13 (what I assume Pluto’s download manager is grabbing).

I see in some of the documentation there is this thing called MakieLayout that appears to serve a similar purpose but there is no documentation available to validate that observation.

Any suggestions on how I can go about determining the .attributes for an axis object now?

The available attributes for an Axis object are listed in the docs now, e.g. ? Axis.
There is a slight difference between Block objects (previously called Layoutablels) and plot elements (or recipes). To get the attributes for a block you have to ask for the docs of the type, e.g. ? Axis, whereas for the latter you have to ask for the plotting function, e.g. ? lines.

To inspect and change attributes you can either pass a keyword argument or access them directly, e.g. axis.xlabel.