Valid values for attributes: is there a list or a way to look them up?

In makie, I can look up a list with attributes by e.g. writing

fig = Figure()
ax = Axis(fig[1,1])

It lists the attributes and shows the current settings. However, how can I find out the valid values that I can set for each attribute? Is there a command for it, or is there a list somewhere in the documentation?

For example, under alignmode, the help and documentation shows that the default is Inside() but it doesn’t seem to show other options that are possible.

Thank you.

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For alignmodes there’s this part of the docs GridLayout although I still have to add Mixed to it.

Typing the attributes is a work in progress, there are currently efforts underway to limit what you can put into them (if possible) and document the options better.

Thank you. It might be useful to implement the input checks via a function that returns all valid options for a given attribute. Users could then call that function to see the options available.