Genie docs, tutorials, guidelines

Hello Julians!
I’m designing an analytical financial application and I want all parts to be in pure-Julia. So my question is:
what is the most developed and known tutorial for Genie at the moment?
I’m not completely new into webdev (1 year of experience with Ruby on Rails) and it seems like at the moment Genie lacks detailed either newby or pro level docs (ofc maybe I’ve just searched badly). It can be any book or tutorial or anything, or even other framework. I prefer, but I’m not restricted to Genie.
Main requirements to web part of my application is REST API, ability to draw financial charts (but this can be solved with JS frameworks, so its a weak requirement) and MVC arch.
Thanks in advance.

Here’s a list of tutorials: Documentation

There is also the new book: Web Development with Julia and Genie | Packt (


where, even the first example of creating web services does not work…
i had to download Genie.jl and grep for newapp to find out that they put it into a separate module (Generator)…
(it can be very discouraging for julia starters, but not for me :slight_smile: )

Chapter 14 in @bkamins new book Julia for Data Analysis also looks relevant for your case.

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My book gives a minimal example how to do it (with explanation). If you would have some more advanced questions please ask.