ANN: Genie.jl updates: new website, new workflow and API docs


I’m super happy to announce some major Genie milestones:

1/ Genie now has a website at – it has getting started tips as well as info about Genie and links to API docs, repos and other useful resources. The official starting point if you’re thinking about developing a web app with Julia and Genie.

2/ for the last few weeks I’ve been refactoring Genie’s workflow to be more Julian.

Initial versions required cloning an “empty” app repo. Now it’s as easy as:

julia> using Genie
julia> Genie.REPL.new_app("cool_app")

Also part of the refactoring, the codebase was subjected to a decoupling process. Genie is now composed of 3 distinct packages, Genie.jl (the core), SearchLight.jl (the ORM) and Flax.jl (the template engine). The 3 packages are not 100% decoupled yet - but the longer term goal is for SearchLight and Flax to be completely independent and usable in any other Julia project.

3/ and finally, the API docs - the codebase has pretty good docs coverage now so it made sense to publish the docs. The API documentation for each of the 3 packages is on readthedocs - check Genie’s website to find the docs, repos, etc.

4/ The big absents are the guides. The API docs are a good start - but comprehensive guides for using each Module are key to smooth adoption. Now that the API has stabilized, the guides are my priority for the upcoming weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

If you like the project please star it on Github. It serves not only as a morale boost for the contributors but also as a confidence boost for developers thinking about trying Julia for the first time through Genie.

Finally, I want to thank again to all the wonderful Julia developers that contributed to the language and to the ecosystem and that were so kind to help me through this journey - you are amazing!