General questions about Pull requests and reviews

Hello everyone, I am new to the Julia developer (Github) community though I have been using Julia for quite some time. I have few questions about the review of pull requests.

  1. How much time can it take to review a pull request?
  2. Who can review my pull request?
  3. If my pull request does not get a review after a long time who can I contact?
  4. I noticed that some pull requests had failing checks (like buildbot/tester_linux32 or buildbot/tester_win64) . So why do these checks fail and why the pull requests were still merged?


  1. depends on the package/maintainers/the nature of the PR
    -sometimes the maintainers are busy
    -sometimes they are waiting for other features before they merge your PR…
  2. the package maintainers
  3. try to ping the package maintainers w/ @maintainer “friendly reminder”
  4. something to do w/ code-coverage, continuous integration … ask someone else
    -just bc it doesn’t pass every test now, doesn’t mean it’s a bad PR & shouldn’t be merged
    -sometimes it doesn’t pass a test for a reason unrelated to your PR, & when that other reason is resolved your added code will pass more tests


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