How long should I wait to hear something on a pull request?

I recently created my first pull request for the Julia ecosystem, and I’m very excited about it. It doesn’t seem like there has been much activity on this package recently. How long should I be prepared to wait to hear something from the package maintainers?


The latest release of Combinatorics.jl was v1.0.2, more than two years ago. Is the package still being developed/attended to?

Combinatorics.jl has been a pretty stable package, so I guess it did not need much attention (and this could be its problem).

The PR by @natemcintosh looks nice and carefully prepared. Some member of JuliaMath probably should review it, so I pinged @mschauer there. Maybe also @rdeits could have a look at it.


After a huge amount of help from @bkamins and @mschauer, we believe the PR is ready for merge. Is there someone else, not yet involved, who would be willing to review it?

Link to PR