Fun, Interesting or Important Projects in Need of Contribution?

Hey community,

I’m asking about great projects to contribute to by writing code, fixing bugs, etc. either in the language itself, the standard library or in some package.

So, what project/issue/codebase did you have fun working on? What are some projects you can recommend as interesting to work on? Where are some areas in the Julia ecosystem, where some help would make a big difference?

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I am trying to contribute some pieces to GitHub - fonsp/Pluto.jl: 🎈 Simple reactive notebooks for Julia.
It is a combination of Julia for the backend and JavaScript for the frontend, contributions to both sides are welcome.

It isn’t contributing per se for our library, but I would love to see more folks experimenting with Javis.jl and pushing its limits about what it could be used for. Of late, @Wikunia (who is the co-creator of Javis) made an amazing Sudoku video on YouTube using Javis:

@Ved_Mahajan did two fascinating animations lately; the first is rather an artistic rendering here:


And the second is really exciting to me here as this actually illustrates the solution to an MBody differential equation (admittedly, not as visually exciting as the previous two):


Finally, I used it to visualize brain activity using raw EEG brain activity signals (with input and insight from @Zach_Christensen):


So, yea, if you want to just mess with Javis to see what you can make with it, see what breaks, see what works, think of new ideas, that would be awesome @Luapulu!


Hey there!! Firebase.jl is a wrapper of Firebase’s REST API calls and cover a good chunk but it’s still in very early stages. The project could use some help and it’s important as from what I have seen , Firebase’s accessibility is far better than AWS’s. And a big chunk of projects(mainly in hackathons) are built with help of Firebase.
Github Link

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SciML has a ton of open projects. GalacticOptim.jl is a particularly low hanging fruit, where wrapping a ton of global optimizers into one interface, documenting it well, and connecting it to a general symbolic interface can definitely help new Julia users.