Google Summer of Code 2022 Projects Announced!

Hey all,

We are really excited to share that this year we will have 21 contributors participate in Google Summer of code with the Julia Language (2 projects will be under the JSoC umbrella) and 11 more through NumFOCUS under projects like FluxML or SciML.

You can find the accepted Julia projects here: Google Summer of Code and the projects under NumFOCUS here: Google Summer of Code

This is going to be another exciting summer of Julia development! We can’t wait to see the amazing work they will do and the impact they will have!

~ Logan on behalf of the JSoC Admins


Here is one of the 2022 JSoC projects: the other will be announced shortly.

And here is the other JSoC project:

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The 3rd julia related org:

OpenAstronomy : * “Spectral Timing in julia”

  • Technologies : python, julia
  • Topics: data science, Time Series Analysis
  • Mentors : Mosè Giordano, Matteo Bachetti


  • Julia:21 + NumFOCUS:11 + OpenAstronomy:0.5 = 32.5 project