French translation of ThinkJulia

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Think Julia – Comment penser comme un informaticien” is a French translation of the book “ThinkJulia – How to Think Like a Computer scientist” by Ben Lauwens and Allen B. Downey (published in 2018). It is an introductory book to the Julia language.

It is published on GitHub:

  • The PDF version (B5 format, double-sided) can be downloaded by clicking on this link so that internal and web links are preserved (the on-line version does not preserve these links).
  • The LYX source code can be downloaded by clicking on the download button of this link.

You can test a “neutral” installation in the REPL:

using ThinkJuliaFR

A full version is in preparation. As it is the case with the original ThinkJulia, it will allow the use of a couple of packages such as: Turtle (Chapter 4), Plots (Chapters 13 and 19), etc.

Other translations:

Coordination of translations by Christian Peel.

Do not hesitate to transmit your comments and suggestions on GitHub or herewith.

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Great work, thanks for doing this

Could you explain what you mean by “neutral installation” and “full version”?

I don’t read French, yet it looks to me like the PDF is a full translation of ThinkJulia

Hello Bengtjo,

Thanks for your interest.

The term “neutral” means that when performing an installation, at present you will not yet be able to perform examples or exercises requiring certain functions.
However, once the ThinkJuliaFR package is complete and you have installed it, you will be able to use functions such as “forward,” “turn,” “penup,” in the Turtle module (e.g.). This is what I call a “full” installation.

A few weeks of patience :grinning:,

Best regards,

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Hello everyone,

NEW: A full version of ThinkJuliaFR.jl is online (GitHub).

Its installation allows you to use Turtle, Plots, DBM functions and the “@printf” macro to solve exercises and use the examples from the book.

If you detect any bugs, please use “Pull requests” or keep me informed here.

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