Using ThinkJulia

using ThinkJulia
Info: Precompiling ThinkJulia [a7fb756-c18b-4c7f-87da-faca9ac81629]
Info: Skipping recompilation since precompile(false). Importing ThinkJulia [a7fb756-c18b-4c7f-87da-faca9ac81629]
ERROR: LocalError: ThinkJulia not installed properly, run“Think Julia”), restart Julia and try again.

(can’t create turtle?)

Hi @AGoh2019! It’s quite hard to know what the problem is without further details :slight_smile: Could you maybe tell us

  • what kind of hardware you’re running this on?
  • which version of Julia? (output of versioninfo())
  • what’s in the current environment? (output of using Pkg; Pkg.status())

ThinkJulia is an old package and people have reported problems when trying to install and run it:

So - it might not be a good idea to spend too much time trying to troubleshoot this issue.

The contents of the book are (mostly) still worth reading.

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Was informed that ThinkJulia was an old package, and many users have encountered problems while trying to install it. Hence, I am skipping the topic, and continue to read up on Julia.


— Andrew Goh

By the way, the author of ThinkJulia @BenLauwens just merged some PRs, so ThinkJulia.jl now works OK on the latest Julia version:

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