Editing a package in stdlib



I am editing a package in julia (0.7 dev) stdlib and after every edit I have to run make from the julia base dir and it always takes an awful lot of time to finish, is there an easier way?

Also Pkg.test(“SHA”) does not work on 0.7 dev


The easier way is Revise but it doesn’t work with stdlibs yet. In the mean time you can just include the file, normally, like:



ok, thanks


Is it possible with Pkg3 to use a different version of a package in stdlib, e.g. the github version of SHA instead of the version in stdlib?


Yes, you can e.g clone SHA to ~/MyPackages and pushfirst!(LOAD_PATH, "~/MyPackages") (expanding the ~). Doing import SHA should load the SHA in MyPackages.

Testing changes to stdlib without remaking the whole of Julia

thanks, I will try this as soon as possible!