Finding documentation for other versions of Julia



It used to be easy to browse documentation for various versions of Julia but the pull-down now seems to have disappeared. Clicking the documentation link on presumably leads to the documentation for 0.5.2 (although I don’t see that specified anywhere). But how does one access the documentation for 0.6, or for an older version?

EDIT: The pull-down is available from but I had to manually edit the URL to discover that page. I don’t see it linked form the page. Perhaps documentation should lead there instead of leading to, which doesn’t have the pull-down?!



The switch to Documenter.jl has made this a bit wonky, but you can go to and select the desired Julia version there.


Once 0.6 becomes the stable release, will also point to a Documenter-generated version which will have a version selector. But yes, the version selector for the Sphinx builds (0.5 and below) was lost when the docs were moved from Read the Docs to GitHub pages, since the selector was provided by Read the Docs.