Failed to load module "colorreload-gtk-module" / "window-decorations-gtk-module"

I am frustrated, under Ubuntu 22.04 it is not possible to pipe the output of PlotlyJS to the default web-browser. Today I found the advice to edit the Gtk-configuration file settings.ini in the following forum thread: getting-failed-to-load-module-colorreload-gtk-module-when-starting-gtk-apps
Are there other ideas around?

To clarify: do you just need to see PlotlyJS in a web browser, or do you want to fix the error itself?

I would like that the plot is displayed in a web-browser, this works perfect under MS-Windows, but on ubuntu it fails.

Ok. How are you piping the output of PlotlyJS to the web browser in WIndows?

Two options:

  • Single Line execution
  • PlotlyJS.display(plt_obj_handle)

as a workaround on Ubuntu you may use via PyCall, this works:

using PyCall
px = pyimport("")
fig = px.scatter(x=[0, 1, 2, 3, 4], y=[0, 1, 4, 9, 16])

The graph is displayed without error message in the default web-browser.

if you see under kubuntu the message: KApplicationTrader: mimeType "x-scheme-handler/file" not found

you may edit the file ~/.config/mimeapps.list and add the following line in the subsections of this file:

[Added Associations]
[Default Applications]

source: KApplicationTrader: mimeType “x-scheme-handler/file” not found
At least this error is removed by this. but the plot is still not displayed :frowning: