PlotlyJS not working in Pluto on Windows


I’m facing an issue with PlotlyJS in Pluto on Windows. The PlotlyJS chart is not displayed, there is only white space on Windows (in Firefox and Chrome):

However the same Pluto notebook on my Linux machine works as expected:

Is anybody having the same issue? I’m not sure if this is a PlotlyJS or Pluto problem?

Here my example Notebook to reproduce:
Plotlyjs in Pluto.jl (40.7 KB)

Any advise is very welcome, thank you!

BR Stefan

Hi @sschmidhuber

Sorry to say, but your title is highly misleading. The fact is that, in Windows, it is Plots that is not working inside Pluto, not PlotlyJS! When you use Plots with the backend plotlyjs(), the plotting package you are using is Plots, which calls different plotting APIs (including plotlyjs) to render the plots according to the tastes of each one.

The problem with Plots (nowadays???) is that it seems to require the installation of PlotlyJS in the same environment (VScode) or the notebook (Pluto). This requirement may be a bug or a recent radical change in Plots, but it used to be different (well, this is what I get on my Windows machines). As it stands now, using both packages creates a problem because:

WARNING: both Plots and PlotlyJS export "plot"; uses of it in module workspace#10 must be qualified

Therefore, I suggest you stick with Plots or PlotlyJS, but not both, in your notebook to avoid conflicts between the two packages. For example, if you need the interactivity that comes out from PlotlyJS, your example can be easily reproduced just by doing:

	x = 1 : 0.01 : 10
	p = Plot(x, sin.(x), Layout(height = 400))

You may also find this package interesting: JuliaPluto/PlutoPlotly.jl (

@liuyxpp thank you for the hint, it works with PlutoPlotly.jl :+1: