Fail to precompile Plots.jl

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I can’t use Plots anymore. An error appears during the precompilation indicating that it misses libraries, but these last ones are however well present in C:\Users\xxx.julia\packages. I couldn’t say exactly when the problem started.
I tried to test the package Plots.jl and the following error appears :

Apparently some people had similar problems here but I haven’t found any solution yet. I am under Windows 11 22H2 and Julia 1.8.4.

Thanks ! :smiley:

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I have the same problem and there is some answers here

For the moment, I have downgraded julia to return to 1.8.3.

We will need to release an 1.8.5 to fix this. For the moment I suggest using 1.8.3 or adding Julia to the PATH by using the installer.

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