Export jupyter to .jl does not preserve markdown cells


this is a problem that I’m constantly facing… I usually develop my Julia code in jupyter (as per the IJulia package). When my codes get a usable form, I export them as .jl files (with the Export functionality in jupyter), and that makes a nice ascii file that does not contain any of the markdown cells… not a single one. This is very painful as I use markdown to document, so all the
documentation is gone, and I have to select cells in jupyter (one by one) and copy the contents in the newly generated julia file.
I know this is not the case with Python notebooks, where markdonw cells are converted to comments, which is exactly what I was looking for (I have never tried that but have read it on the internet).

Now the question is: is there a way to have this functionality? I mean, I want all my documentation to be included as commented lines in the exported .jl file, and I think this makes a lot of sense.



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Yes. A .ipynb file is just JSON text, so you can easily write a script using the JSON.jl package to extract the code and markdown. Moreover, you can use the Markdown stdlib to parse and pretty-print the markdown content:

using JSON, Markdown

function ipynb2jl(ipynfile)
    jlfile = replace(ipynfile, r"(\.ipynb)?$" => ".jl")
    nb = open(JSON.parse, ipynfile, "r")
    open(jlfile, "w") do f
        for cell in nb["cells"]
            if cell["cell_type"] == "code"
                print(f, "\n\n")
                print.(Ref(f), cell["source"])
            elseif cell["cell_type"] == "markdown"
                md = Markdown.parse(join(cell["source"]))
                print(f, "\n\n# ", replace(repr("text/plain", md), '\n' => "\n# "))

Update: this functionality is now available via the nbexport function of the NBInclude.jl package.


Maybe Weave.jl or Literate.jl solve this problem? It looks like Weave.jl can export from notebook to .jl file.

Not 100% sure though.

Oh! That was both fast and useful :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot, it works nicely.

Still I do not understand why this functionality is not included by default, but the solution you provided works well.



I think that they default to not including markdown because for an arbitrary language backend they don’t know what is allowed in comments? But I agree that it would be nice to support it for Julia similar to Python; maybe file an issue at GitHub - jupyter/notebook: Jupyter Interactive Notebook?

As an alternative to Jupyter, Pluto.jl saves its notebooks in directly runnable .jl files.

As another alternative, Jupyter notebook files are directly runnable with @nbinclude("somenotebook.ipynb") from NBInclude.jl.


Thanks, that’s a nice feature.