New topic "quantum physics" under domains

Hi I’m wondering we could have a new topic “quantum physics” under domains. According to today’s Quantum BoF, we find it’s quite inconvenient to find posts related it sometimes given we already have a group of quantum physics related packages.


+1 to this, it would be useful.

:+1: Completely backing up the motion. Thanks for getting the ball started @Roger-luo

+1, would be great to have.

+1, I would be happy to join as well.

Sounds good to me! Let’s do it. We can also retroactively tag topics. Anyone want to draft the little category blurb?

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Sure I could do it. Where could I write the blurb?

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You can just put it here and I’ll create the category with it.

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OK, here it is:

This subcategory is for discussion around quantum physics questions and related packages.

Current packages include:


There is also a more detailed list can be use a reference:

and all other quantum physics related packages under individuals.

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There was also a list made by @jlapeyre here:

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OK Thanks, I add one sentence to mention this list, since I don’t think a blurb should be too long.

There is another similar list here:
It is interesting mainly because it is featured on the website.

Thanks! But I think that list is not well maintained at this moment, as you can see a lot PRs are in pending and missing a lot Julia quantum packages.

I think that would be great. There are a few threads where this surely makes sense.

Also on the JuliaCon discord it was brought up, that maybe quantum chemistry could also fit into the domain. @Roger-luo suggested to use “quantum physics/chemistry” or plainly “quantum” as a tag (correct me if I’m misquoting @Roger-luo).

Since I feel more like a quantum chemistry guy, I wouldn’t mind broading the scope and giving it a “quantum” tag. What are other people’s thoughts?


That sounds good to me — I’ve gone ahead and created #domain:quantum. We can continue to edit that category synopsis to fit what y’all decide here!


Thanks! I moved 2 topics to the category as they seem suitable for it. I hope more will come soon.

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