ERROR: LoadError: EOFError: read end of file

I started to learn julia but i got this error when I’m trying to deserialize my file.mat


So Serialization isn’t meant for reading arbitrary files, like a MATLAB file. (I’m guessing, based on the extension?).

Probably what’s happening is that it’s not seeing what it expects, gets to the end of the file, and gives up.

What you probably want to use is this: GitHub - JuliaIO/MAT.jl: Julia module for reading MATLAB files

I tried this package, and here is the following error I got

Okay, so it’s not a MATLAB file. What is it? How was dataset.mat generated?

I don’t really know how it was generated since It was provided by my lecturer and he asked me to use deserialize instead of matread

Hmm, there’s not a lot for us to go on here. I think you may need clarification from your lecturer?

Note that a serialized file (with Serialization) is not really a relocatable/distributable file format. It works great for temporary files on your own machine, but not so great to share around. So it could be a Julia version/platform/package environment mismatch?

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Alright, I will do that in class

yes, i agree with your statement

Finally, I solved this problem by changing the dataset into smaller instances from 314 million to 78 million instances