EOFError: read end of file


I’ve started using Atom and everything went fine for the couple of times but then I got stuck at this repeating error:

EOFError: read end of file
in require at base/loading.jl:922
in require at base/loading.jl:927
in _require at base/loading.jl:1006
in _require_search_from_serialized at base/loading.jl:757
in stale_cachefile at base/loading.jl:1402
in parse_cache_header at base/loading.jl:1323
in read at base/iostream.jl:361

when trying the single line “using Plots”. I installed one or two packages after using Atom without problems, notably NLsolve, I guess the issue must be linked. I tried to update the packages and reboot, with no effect. What should I do?

Try deleting or renaming ~/.julia/compiled and restart Atom.

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