EOFError: read end of file JLD2


I tried to import a dictionary into jupyter notebook (julia 1.5.1), but it threw me this error:

>import JLD2
>dict_duels_accurate_probs = load("path/dict_duels_accurate_probs.jld2")

Error encountered while loading "path\\dict_duels_accurate_probs.jld2".

Fatal error:
EOFError: read end of file

But, i was able import others dictionaries with the same extension (.jld2)
PS: the weight of the file is 1.2 GB

Hi @Sebastian_Mena,

you could try to open the file with
f = jldopen("path/dict_duels_accurate_probs.jld2", "r")
and use the dictionary type interface to load individual datasets in the file.