Reading .mat file matrices

I’m trying to solve an optimization program but have all the matrices as matlab files. I was able to import those that have numbers within the matrix but those with variables give the following error:
BoundsError: attempt to access 15-element Array{Type,1} at index [17]
in read at MAT\src\MAT_v5.jl:352
in read_matrix at MAT\src\MAT_v5.jl:302
in read_matrix at MAT\src\MAT_v5.jl:331

The code used is the following:
file = matopen(“x.mat”)
FA = read(file, “x”)

Does anyone know how to address this issue?
Thank you

That error usually means there’s some values in the mat file that’s not supported (at least that’s what I got in this case and from a rough reading of the code I can imagine it happen for other unsupported objects too).

I fixed the issue by just not saving that object in the mat file. (It was put in there by someone else a long time ago and we don’t actually need it anyway…) You can check all the fields in the mat file to verify if this is an issue for you.

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Turns out there were some spaces and brackets in the matrix. Thank you

I am just starting to learn Julia and trying to run the following code, adapted from above:

using MAT
fileIn = matopen(“complexDomainData.mat”)
dset = read(fileIn)

but I get the error:

LoadError: File “complexDomainData.mat” does not exist and create was not specified

The file was created in Matlab and opens OK in Matlab. I can also import it into R.

Any help appreciated

Does the file exist?

Yes, the file was created in Matlab and opens OK in Matlab. I can also import it into R. It just contains some numeric arrays.

(1) Go to the folder where the file is (cd("ToWhereTheFileIs)) and then try again to read it, or
(2) Supply the full path/filename to matopen


Many thanks, the full path solved the problem.