Error in the precompiling of QuantumOptics package in Julia 1.9.2

I recently install Julia and anaconda in an IMac, but using QuantumOpitics package for a programme gives me an error:
“[ Info: Precompiling QuantumOptics [6e0679c1-51ea-5a7c-ac74-d61b76210b0c]
ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: TimeDependentSum not defined”

I tried to reinstall an older version, but in the Jupyter file, it always show 1.9.2. version. Don’t know how to remove it completely.

But working perfectly fine in my personal laptop with Julia 1.8.5.

Does anyone know what could be the issue? Thanks.

I can’t reproduce your error - QuantumOptics 1.0.13 installed and precompiled just fine for me on Julia 1.9.1 (on Windows, but your error doesn’t look OS specific).

I’m not sure whether you have a question about IJulia as well, but if so that’s probably a separate thread (unless you only see an issue with QuantumOptics in IJulia and not in the REPL).

Thanks @nilshg
I updated Julia (update of 1.9.2 version) and Jupyter(to its latest version), so it’s working after 3-4 days of installation of those packages. Not sure, what was the issue but I had a pre-compilation error there.