Creating a new package

i’ve created a new package named QuantumRelay, and i’m putting all the files that i need for this package in one file and everything and i’ve added also all the dependencies needed and when i’m typing
using QuantumRelay all i’m getting is this precompiling message : Info: Precompiling QuantumRelay [54a2c7e4-e504-11e9-3c64-f9d4f875ee7f] i’ve been waiting for more than 30 minutes for julia to give me the hand again so i can call the functions in this module but till now, no result

Maybe you created an infinite loop or something. Do you have a link to the code?


yes i’m putting the entire code on github
the main code called QuantumRelay it’s where i call other files that you’ll find in there

I made a PR to structure the files like a normal julia package:

I have no problems myself to precompile this on 1.3.0-rc2.0 . What julia version are you using? Perhaps try the 1.3 release candidate from Download Julia?

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i’m using Julia 1.0.1

i have added the module as a normal Julia package : add when i want to use it i still have the same issue: using QuantumRelay
this is what i’m getting: Info: Precompiling QuantumRelay [6ebb60ca-bbd7-403d-b18d-7027df4c80f9]
and it’s always on Julia 1.0.1

That is a very old Julia version. Could you try with the one I suggested.


it has worked on Julia 1.3.0-rc3