Error in Android studio

There was something went to wrong Julia does not find its executable to run Julia code to build application

Welcome to this forum! You may have to provide more details to get help.

is unclear, does it mean that an already running Julia process errors because it can’t find something, or some application can’t find the Julia executable? Pasting an error message, and providing some context on what you are trying to do (do you want to use Julia on Android?) would be useful.

Here is the picture of that error

Yes, it looks like you have to specify the path to the Julia executable manually.

I am not familiar with Android Studio, and I don’t think it is a commonly used IDE for Julia. See this list for pretty much all the IDEs that are supported at some level:

Yes, You are right I already set the path manually but still same problem. And Android Studio is same as Intellij IDLE so I think that it doesn’t causes any problems