Julia Development on Mobile (Android)

For a personal project I want to practice and use Julia as the programming language to compose and create a mobile app on android, I am not sure where or how to even begin or if there is even any package oriented or designed for this so basically I am just asking for some guidance or to know if it is a terrible idea too.

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Some people have gotten the Julia REPL running on Android

but I haven’t heard of an Android app built in Julia.

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This is a pretty comprehensive and detailed write-up from 2018: Building -- and releasing -- a fully self-contained Application written in julia

That’s an interesting idea! I have actually wondered this before, but never had a good reason to try it. You definitely want to read Embedding Julia · The Julia Language and read up on the Android NDK first and you might also have to set JULIA_COPY_STACKS like GitHub - JuliaInterop/JavaCall.jl: Call Java from Julia is doing, but if you are willing to dig into this a bit, it’s probably doable.

Python’s Beeware project builds for Android