Android Apps in Julia?

I wanted to check if anyone has written a self contained app for Android in Julia? I know there were some threads a few years back. Wanted to ask again now that time has passed. I am thinking of trying it but hopefully someone has gone down the path before.

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I don’t think that this is possible. There is ongoing work to make self-contained GUI snap packages on Linux possible, but even that is not yet working…

This is something which is worth a try just to know what are the obstacles of doing that. The steps involved from my point of view:

  • Get a bare Julia to run in ADB shell
  • Check if GLFW.jl library can draw on Android screen. Debug, link to get that working.
  • Investigate the bundle structure, perhaps special kind of launcher and etc. Try to get that to work.

For the latter AppBundler.jl can help with collecting all dependencies together by modifying a snap recipe.


I don’t know how to make app in julia for Android. But I think you can make a pwa website using WGPUNative.jl PKG and then install that pwa via playstore like Twitter or Google news.