Ensuring that the package version matches (Revise-ed) code

When I dev local path/to/my_pkg and using Revise, changes to the source of my_pkg are reflected as expected in my session (REPL or Jupyter) but when I run status I see the old version of my_pkg listed there — i.e. the old version number.

I’m not sure this matters much, since the code itself is being tracked, but I’m still a bit puzzled (a) whether the discrepancy means anything and (b) how to resolve it. (I’m guessing something line update will accomplish b?)

(Also this seems to be related to some puzzling behavior I was seeing when I changed file names.)

pkg> resolve updates to the current version number in the dev'd packages Project.toml. But it does not mean anything. The code is tracked either way.


I see, so for a deved package resolve (when using Revise) all that happens is that that number gets changed. How does that differ from update?

You are right: pkg> update MyPkg also increments the version number. But then again: it does not do anything. What matters is what you fix the version number at when you add MyPkg later. Until then, the version numbers really don’t do anything.

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