Package workflow: tag new versions

I develop a package in a .git folder in the dev folder of .julia. When I tag a new version of my package on Github (using Attobot), Julia does not update locally the version number of the package, even after I git pull the new tag. This means I cannot use any other package that require this new version. How to get around this issue?

Has the PR been merged yet? Pkg won’t use the new tag until the registry has been updated. You can check the status of the PR on the repository for METADATA.

yes the PR has been merged. Oh, so you say that ] update does what I am looking for?

If the PR has been merged to METADATA, it will be available in the General registry assuming correct bounds during the next synch. Then you should ]update and that will get you the latest release of the package.

And it does so without erasing or unlinking the local version of the package in dev?

If it is dev it will just pull the latest from the repository directly. If it is added, it will update to use the last registered release.

No? Pkg does not touch package that are tracking a path.

If you want to leave the checked out state of your package and get back to a released version you should pkg> free Package.

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If the package is deved, say a local directory where one is working with the package, that get’s updated to reflect the current state of the directory so it shouldn’t need anything. If it is a remote, I believe it will do the same, but needs the ]up to connect to the remote. If one is done with the development and wants to use the latest release, then ]free will get you these.

No, that is not how it works. Pkg will completely ignore packages that are tracking a path:

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But Pkg.update seems to update the version number of the package in dev somehow, so that it matches the version number on github, right?

As long as a version has been registered, it should be possible to do e.g. pkg> add SomePackage@1.2.3. Does this not work? If this does work, then what is the specific issue that you are having?

There appears to be some confusion with regards to how Pkg works. It does not really make sense to talk about “versions” when referring to deved packages.