What happens when I upgrade a package during a Revise session?

I’m using VSCode. I have a session running, and I have a bunch of using statements. Then I upgrade a package to the next version. What happens to the functions and types in scope: are they the new versions or the old versions? What about objects created with those old structs – are they upgraded?

Once you have loaded a package, upgrading it has no effect. Revise only affects dev'ed packages, which cannot be upgraded, only edited. But edits to type definitions won’t be accepted, and Revise will stop tracking the package if you do such changes.

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Are you sure? I think I’ve updated packages and then had errors from Revise not being able to track the changed type definitions in the dependencies that updated.

Edit: Home · Revise.jl seems to say this as well

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What I meant is for add-ed packages (which is the most common use case), upgrading it during a session does not change anything if you have already loaded it. I think this is true --and actually I have just tested it–.

The page you cite comments on switching between dev and released versions of a package, which is a different situation. There Revise enters into action indeed.