Emacs ESS julia 1.0

I trying julia 1.0 with emacs using ESS. I’ve played with it a bit on older julia versions.

Problem is trying to access Pkg. Typing ‘]’ just gives syntax error.
Starting julia from a plain terminal window would allow ‘]’ to work.

Any suggestions? Can I get to Pkg by some other method?


ESS’s REPL isn’t fully functional Julia REPL and so it doesn’t recognize ] input. You can:

  1. Use additional terminal to run Julia REPL outside of Emacs. Given that you manage packages relatively rarely, it’s not a big issue. I personally use this method.
  2. Use julia-mode, which incorporates real Julia REPL instead of comint.
  3. Use Pkg, e.g.:
using Pkg


I do have the latest julia-mode from elpa julia-mode-20180816.2117. M-x run-julia gives the same result though as I got running julia via ESS:
┌ Warning: Terminal not fully functional
└ @ Base client.jl:342
julia> ]
ERROR: syntax: unexpected “]”

For now, just running the old fashioned way ‘using Pkg’ as you suggest seems fine.

Ah, it might be julia-mode + julia-repl actually, sorry for confusion.

For interacting with an ANSI terminal, consider using

instead of ESS.