First steps with Weave.jl: looking for learning resources

After many attempts, I have given up using Quarto with Julia. At the moment, it’s simply not the tool for me.

Having said that, I am have decided to give Weave.jl a go. In many aspects, it reminds me of R's Knitr. But I have noticed some differences. The same YAML header from RMarkdown/Knitr won’t work for Weave, for instance.

At this point, I have two questions.

  1. Is there a way to cross-reference a figure in Weave? I’ve managed to import a figure, but all the options I could think of to cross-reference it didn’t work.

  2. Do you have a preferred resource for “all things Weave” other than Weave.jl’s website? I have seen some great pdfs created with Weave, but the package’s website is quite empty and doesn’t have answer to more questions I have.

  3. If you have any general comments on Weave that you think are worth sharing, please go ahead.

Thanks for the help.

I hadn’t used literate programming tools in a while - and I cannot go into specifics from my Weave.jl experience (because there is none).

However, general advice that I feel safe to give is this: if you can identify someone who is successfully using the tool you want to explore/inspect, take a good look at look at what they are doing.

For Weave.jl, you can look at how it was used for Turing and DiffEq tutorials.