Does JuliaPro come with the curated packages? Also a tip on authentication for package installation

I was very excited when Julia 1.0 came out. Since then I was waiting for JuliaPro 1.x as I love the curated packages that just work out of box. When it finally arrived, yesterday I installed JuliaPro on Windows 10 64-bit, and glanced through the document on the new package manager.

To my surprise, the curated packages that used to come with JuliaPro (e.g. 0.6.x) could not be found. For example, “using StatsBase” will give the following error message:

ERROR: ArgumentError: Package StatsBase not found in current path:

  • Run import Pkg; Pkg.add("StatsBase") to install the StatsBase package.

So here’s my question: is it true that these curated packages do not come with JuliaPro 1.x by default now? Or did I miss something, especially regarding the new package manager?

The following experience may help people who got confused by the authentication for package installation like me:

I was able to add StatsBase using the package manager REPL command “add”; you can also achieve that by importing Pkg then do the old-style “Pkg.add”. However, a surprise was that first time I added a package, a message asked me to authenticate:

[ Info: Please Authenticate…

I did this on a command console, and nothing happened after this for a long time, until a time-out message showed up telling me that I can download a token file by logging into using GitHub, Google, or LinkedIn account. I did that and manually copied and pasted the downloaded token.toml file to C:\Users\my_user_name.julia. Successive package installations went on smoothly.

Only later did I find out from the JuliaProQuickStartGuide that I was actually supposed to start first package operations in Juno’s Julia REPL. By doing that an HTML pane will open with the authentication page. After logging in, the token file will be downloaded and stored automatically.

I found this process very confusing. Not all Julia users use Juno as IDE. For someone who starts to play with JuliaPro 1.x from a command console or non-Juno IDE, he/she could get stuck. Not sure if this is related to system rights or something, but JuliaPro seems unable to open a web browser to display a webpage on Windows. If that’s true, I think it’ll be very helpful to display a message about the alternative authentication method quickly before the time-out, because I bet many people will think Julia just hang and won’t wait for so long (actually the first time I tried this I just closed the window by force and went back to JuliaPro 0.6.4).

Apart from these surprises, I’m looking forward to becoming productive in Julia 1.x asap since Julia is a great language and 1.x is supposed to be stable now. Three cheers to the team that made it happen!

From memory I remember seeing a long list of supported packages, I believe installed by default, but now I no longer find a PDF with explicit list, only find list on this homepage (from memory, seems like a shorter list), including “StatsBase” (unless the list is simply outdated):

I’m nut sure, maybe you have to do:

using LinearAlgebra

first? There was some controversy, on such needed (i.e. some of what was included in Julia[Pro] be default, without first needing “using”), and I’m not sure, possibly that error-message is misleading, just some default that’s autogenerated for all packages not yet imported (but the other “using” will enable it?)?

If the list is shorter, then I guess some packages are outdated or not yet supported for Julia 1.0, but that doesn’t apply to StatsBase.

I see now the situation is different with JuliaPro 1.0:

Even though the packages are not bundled, JuliaPro users still benefit from a curated set of packages. This is provided through the JuliaPro package registry hosted by Julia Computing. Incidentally, this registry is also used to provide the same supported packages on JuliaBox.

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Thank you for the link - this directly answered my question.