Documenter didn't deploy docs after CI

It seems that my docs have been broken for a long time(since another contributor’s commit about 10 days ago).

The lastest log is here:

Why did this get should_deploy=false, and what should I do to deploy my docs again?

Solved, sorry for my blind eyes.

It might be a good idea to upgrade Documenter as well. It is pinned to 0.19 now. The config for the new documenter is quite a lot simpler, e.g.


Yes, the new version could be amazingly convenient, but my problem is not at here.

This problem is brought about for a contributor who uses MacOS changed the .travis.yml and caused an unexpected breakage.

    - stage: "Documentation"
      julia: 1.0
      os: osx # this should be linux
        - julia --project=docs/ -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.instantiate(); Pkg.add(PackageSpec(path=pwd()))'
        - julia --project=docs/ docs/make.jl
      after_success: skip

@pfitzseb told me in Slack to make this fix, thanks a lot!

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I realize that, my suggestion was just a general tips :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’d appreciate it for your practical tips! I’m going to try the new version :blush:

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