Docs (by Documenter) are not being updated in gh-pages branch

I’ve notice that since a while (1 or 2 months?) my updates (in gh-pages branch) to a package documentation written with Documenter are not updated anymore. Any idea why? (example, latest and true latest)

It looks like the deployment process was skipped: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence

Have you considered to upgrade Documenter.jl to 0.20+?


The problem is that your make.jl is configured to deploy on Julia 0.7, but you are not running 0.7 on Travis anymore. Switching to build stages would be the best way to go as then you configure all the Julia versions in .travis.yml (see the new recommended workflow and the Documenter changelog).

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Thanks, I had completely forget about that julia version setting in make.jl
Switching to 0.20+ is a need indeed.