How can I find the reason why docs aren't deployed?




I’m now working on a new package Automa.jl and struggling to deploy docs on GitHub pages using Documenter.jl. I read the manual of Documenter.jl and I believe it was properly configured. However, all TravisCI build jobs skip the deployment of its docs. Here is the latest build on Travis CI: I think, by default, Documenter.jl will choose Linux OS on the nightly build for deployment but the build log says it is skipped. I have no clue to diagnose the reason why this happens here. Docs deployment works properly on other my packages.


You can set an environment variable in your travis.yml file to give information on why deployment didn’t trigger. Here’s an example:

Here’s an example where that successfully deployed:

Here is the logic for deployment:


Thank you! Really helpful information.


I took a look and it seems resolved right?


Yes, this and this solved my problem.


Thanks. That’s what I thought.

I had a similar problem a couple of weeks before.