Documentation page for the XLSX.jl package is hacked

I’m learning to use the XLSX.jl package. I want to read and write excel files.

When I try to open its documentation page at 

… my Norton antivirus packge tells me that the page is dangerous.

What am I supposed to do? How can I report to the developer that his/her page has a problem?

Probably this is a false positive… But I would not know how to prove that…

You could always just view

It looks like Norton has flagged the entire domain as a known dangerous site for unknown reasons. Other * domains seem to be fine, though.

I imagine it’s a false-positive and have submitted a dispute myself.

@felipenoris you should be aware of this and submit a dispute, too… and may as well take the time to review everything you’re hosting on GitHub pages just to be sure.


Woo, that was quick:



It all works back again, thank you