Outdated / bogus CUDA.jl documentation at https://juliagpu.gitlab.io/CUDA.jl?

By CUDA.jl - Google Search , the first hit is the github repo, which is good, but the second hit is https://juliagpu.gitlab.io/CUDA.jl , which seems outdated, compared to https://cuda.juliagpu.org . But the later doesn’t have a hit for the root entry in the first page of google result.

I suggest the admin should take juliagpu.gitlab.io offline, or serve up-to-date documentation there. Currently it doesn’t even have a list of CUDA.jl versions to choose (which is a decent feature cuda.juliagpu.org offers correctly). No easy way to check how “up-to-date” the contents there is, but it’s obviously not up-to-date.

I thought I had removed those pages when migrating the documentation, but apparently not. Should be gone now. Thanks for the report.

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