Documentation not deploied with workflow "pages-build-deployment" failing

This is new to me.
The make.jl based workflow to make the documentation is fine but then I have another workflow listed "pages-build-deployment’ that errors and the pages are not updated.
I have no idea of what this workflow is.
When I click on github I have two subtasks, “build” that is green, and “deploy” that is red.
I did renamed the repository recently, but I don’t know if it is due to it.

The detailed error is:

Run actions/deploy-pages@v1
Actor: github-pages[bot]
Action ID: 1981858136
Artifact URL:
Creating deployment with payload:
	"artifact_url": "",
	"pages_build_version": "2ca0cbe98419860d0d4b1ea6cd1819a0abf24131",
	"oidc_token": "***"
Failed to create deployment for 2ca0cbe98419860d0d4b1ea6cd1819a0abf24131.
{"message":"Invalid actions OIDC token due to sub_invalid, validate around 1647275676.","documentation_url":""}
Error: Error: Request failed with status code 400
Error: Error: Request failed with status code 400
Sending telemetry for run id 1981858136

Is this from yesterday? If so I think it might be related to GitHubs problems yesterday. I noticed several similar failures during that.

Thanks. The last I have it running is 4 days ago:

What “pages-build-deployment” workflow is ?

It is GitHubs own workflow for taking the content of your gh-pages branch and uploading to their webserver.

ugh thanks… where do you think I can get support/hints on it then ?

I don’t think you need to worry, probably just an intermittent failure. If you rerun it I am sure it will work now.

hmm… I have done a push few hours ago, but the page build is not even starting:

Did you read the logs?

┌ Info: Deployment criteria for deploying devbranch build from GitHub Actions:
│ - ✘ ENV["GITHUB_REPOSITORY"]="sylvaticus/SPMLJ" occurs in repo=""
│ - ✔ ENV["GITHUB_EVENT_NAME"]="push" is "push" or "workflow_dispatch"
│ - ✔ ENV["GITHUB_REF"] matches devbranch="main"
│ - ✔ ENV["GITHUB_ACTOR"] exists and is non-empty
│ - ✔ ENV["DOCUMENTER_KEY"] exists and is non-empty
└ Deploying: ✘
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Ahhhh… sorry, I did read but that skipped me (the green light mark biased my log-reading toward “all is fine”).

Thank you very much and sorry for the time…