Error deploying documentation

I’m running into an issue deploying documentation on GitHub. I have Documenter setup with GitHub actions, and the deployment seems to be running smoothly

┌ Info: Deployment criteria for deploying devbranch build from GitHub Actions:
│ - ✔ ENV["GITHUB_REPOSITORY"]="markmbaum/ClearSky.jl" occurs in repo=""
│ - ✔ ENV["GITHUB_EVENT_NAME"]="push" is "push"
│ - ✔ ENV["GITHUB_REF"] matches devbranch="main"
│ - ✔ ENV["GITHUB_ACTOR"] exists and is non-empty
│ - ✔ ENV["GITHUB_TOKEN"] exists and is non-empty
└ Deploying: ✔

but then it runs into an issue pushing to the documentation branch

┌ Error: Failed to push:
│   exception =
│    MethodError: no method matching iterate(::Nothing)

I’m not sure how to proceed. Could this be an issue with permission? Happy to provide more info if needed.