How to update the documentation of a package hosted on Github?


I am the maintainer of EllipticFunctions.jl (that I will soon register). I have a Github action for the documentation but it has not updated the documentation for one year. Would you know what should I do?

Good question. I am not an expert on github actions, but I did get it set up correctly (eventually). I have three actions: CI, build documentation, and build pages.

This is my documentation.yml.

Thanks. As before, the Github action seems to work, but nothing happens in the gh-pages branch, and the site is not updated.

It works now, but the updated doc is at (note the /dev at the end).

I added

    repo = "",

in make.jl. That was the point.

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Could be expired public/private documenter keys?

I think the idea is that it will update the stable docs when you tag and make a release.

My initial observation was that your repo did not have “build pages” action.

I use this step-by-step: Publish Docs · JuliaNotes.jl

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Thanks everyone, that is working now. After releasing v2.0.0, I also have the doc of this version by appending v2.0.0 to the link instead of dev. I followed the Documenter documentation. The problem was the missing deploydocs in make.jl, mainly.