error when registering for package

I have followed the instructions to register my package using Registrator.jl
I face an error in the last step of the
I have also added CompatHelper.jl to my repo.
Need some help to figure out what’s going wrong.

Github Repo Link:

Error faced:-

Info: Compat (with upper bound) for all dependencies
│ meets_this_guideline = false

└ message = “The following dependencies do not have a compat entry that has an upper bound: julia. You may find CompatHelper helpful for keeping your compat entries up-to-date.”

ERROR: The automerge guidelines were not met.


[1] error(::String) at ./error.jl:33

[2] #pull_request_build#56(::GitHub.OAuth2, ::Array{String,1}, ::String, ::String, ::Bool, ::String, ::typeof(RegistryCI.AutoMerge.pull_request_build), ::RegistryCI.AutoMerge.NewPackage, ::GitHub.PullRequest, ::String, ::GitHub.Repo) at /home/runner/.julia/packages/RegistryCI/1Miwq/src/AutoMerge/new-package.jl:78

[3] #pull_request_build at /home/runner/.julia/packages/RegistryCI/1Miwq/src/AutoMerge/util.jl:0 [inlined]

[4] #pull_request_build#97(::GitHub.OAuth2, ::Array{String,1}, ::String, ::Bool, ::Bool, ::String, ::typeof(RegistryCI.AutoMerge.pull_request_build), ::GitHub.PullRequest, ::String, ::GitHub.Repo, ::String) at /home/runner/.julia/packages/RegistryCI/1Miwq/src/AutoMerge/pull-requests.jl:68

[5] #pull_request_build at ./none:0 [inlined]

[6] #pull_request_build#94(::String, ::GitHub.OAuth2, ::Array{String,1}, ::String, ::Bool, ::Bool, ::typeof(RegistryCI.AutoMerge.pull_request_build), ::Int64, ::String, ::GitHub.Repo, ::String) at /home/runner/.julia/packages/RegistryCI/1Miwq/src/AutoMerge/pull-requests.jl:40

[7] #pull_request_build at ./none:0 [inlined]

[8] #run#18(::Bool, ::Bool, ::Day, ::Minute, ::String, ::Array{String,1}, ::String, ::Bool, ::Bool, ::typeof(, ::Base.EnvDict, ::RegistryCI.AutoMerge.GitHubActions) at /home/runner/.julia/packages/RegistryCI/1Miwq/src/AutoMerge/public.jl:37

[9] #run at ./none:0 [inlined] (repeats 3 times)

[10] top-level scope at none:1

See the guidelines here:

Specifically, you need [compat] upper bounds:

Solved this. Thanks for the help @Tamas_Papp !!